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AP Calculus BC

AP Calculus BC is equivalent to a two semesters college calculus course. Topics include functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, integrals, differential equations, parametric equations, polar coordinates, vector-valued functions, infinite sequences and series. The course will focus on applying the skills and concepts of calculus to modeling and solving problems across multiple representations. It includes specific preparation for the AP BC Calculus exam. Students will practice AP-style questions, to familiarize themselves with the format and grading techniques.


Students access class materials at any time most convenient for them, including video lectures, assignments, answer keys to assignments, and more through Canvas, WebAssign and College Board AP Classroom. All class materials are available 24/7. Assignments are given at the beginning of each week. There will be one live Zoom session per week with the instructor that focus on key concepts and challenging assignments. It will be recorded and made accessible for those who cannot attend. 

Weekly Live Class

Weekly live Zoom meeting meets every Monday, 9 am to 10 am PST (12 pm to 1 pm EST). Class will run from Aug 21, 2023 through early May.


Early Bird Special: $700. After June 30: $750.


All students with a strong math background should have successfully completed Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II and Precalculus. If you have not completed the prerequisite, please sign up for AP Precalculus class or other math classes at

In particular, you should understand the properties of linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, polars, piecewise-defined functions, and know how to graph these functions and solve equations involving them. You should also be familiar with algebraic transformations, combinations, compositions, sequence, series and inverses for general functions, parameters and vectors. 

Course Delivery

A. Online platform. Students access class materials on Canvas, WebAssign and College Board AP Classroom any time most convenient for them. All class materials are available 24/7. 

  • Teacher produced video lectures for each section. 

  • Weekly assignment, chapter tests and exams

  • Instruction of how to use calculator.

  • Free Response Questions will be graded by the instructor.

  • College Board designed practice test questions. 


B. One optional live Zoom session per week with the instructor that focus on key concepts, challenging assignments, AP multiple choice and free response questions. Attendance is optional and recording will be made accessible for those who cannot attend. 


Calculus for AP 2nd Edition by Ron Larson and Paul Battaglia ISBN 9780357431948.  

Mandatory: We will use WebAssign. It is mandatory for everyone to purchase this which include the ebook of Calculus for AP and online homework. The cost is $50. 

Optional: If you prefer a physical book, you can purchase a bundle at around $165. The print Calculus for AP text + WebAssign access.  Or you can purchase a used textbook from Amazon.

Detail instruction of purchasing textbook will be given later. 

Technical Requirements

  • Computer, high-speed internet access, e-mail capability, with camera

  • Smartphone or scanner to save multiple handwritten pages as a single PDF file

  • Graphing calculator – TI-89, TI-Nspire, or TI-83/84 Plus 

Why take this class? 

Calculus BC is equivalent to completing two college-level Calculus courses and is often taken by students pursuing degrees in the social sciences, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences and engineering. Many colleges offer credit for this course upon achieving a specific score on the exam. It should be noted that Calculus BC is more challenging than Calculus AB. For those seeking a slower-paced class, please consider taking AP Calculus AB as it covers less material.

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