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In what time zone are your classes scheduled?

We run on Pacific Standard Time (PST). Use the Time Zone Converter to convert the time. 


Where are your classes held?

We teach 100% online. We use ZOOM for weekly live classes. For Year Long Classes, students log in to access their web classrooms via Canvas for weekly instruction, homework, test, exams, and discussion. 


For elementary and middle school students, which level should I be taking? 

For elementary school students, the topics covered are listed under the course description. If you are unsure about the level, an assessment test can be sent. 

Should my middle schooler be placed to Dimensions Math 6 or 7/8?

If your student has completed any Grade 5 program, start with Dimensions Math 6. If your student has finished any Grade 6 program including Singapore Primary Mathematics 6, with solid understanding, start with Dimensions Math 7/8. However, if your student struggled with a Grade 6 program, start with Dimensions Math 6. 


Dimensions Math 7/8 covers entire Dimensions Math 7 textbooks plus some chapters in Dimensions 8. We will not include topics found in Algebra 1.

What if I have more questions? 

Please fill free to contact me. 

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Year Long Class

When does registration open--and how do I register?

Registration opens on Feb 1.

To register for a class, please see details in the Registration page. 

Our classes begin in August. If you would like to join a class after the class has started, please send us an email to discuss. 

What is your refund policy?

Tuitions are paid upfront. We will refund the entire tuition paid for a course minus $50 if you withdraw your student before July 30. After that, no refund will be given if you withdraw your student from a course after the dates listed above. For classes offered by PA Homeschoolers, please refer to the refund policy on their website.                                                                                         


What is the difference between classes offered by Mathamelia vs. PA Homeschoolers?

The content and the format of the courses are exactly the same. Students registered through PA Homeschoolers will receive a transcript from PA Homeschoolers. Students registered through Mathamelia will receive a transcript through Mathamelia if requested. 


What if my student cannot attend live classes of the Year Long Class?

Students unable to attend live class sessions will be able to watch the recording.This will accommodate students in different time zones. 


Who are the students in the Year Long Class?

The Year Long Class can be used as a complete curriculum for homeschoolers or a supplement for afterschoolers. Homework, tests, exams and grades will be assigned. For afterschoolers who do not need a grade, HW, tests and exams are optional. 

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Self Paced Courses

What is the difference between the Year Long Classes and Self Paced Courses?

The Self Paced Class  has the same content, video and material as the Year Long Class.  The only difference is that the tests and exams will not be graded. Grades will not be assigned. All class materials are available 24/7. Students can work at their own schedule. 

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Small Group Class

​What is the difference between Year Long Class and Small Group class?

The main learning in the Year Long Classes are video lectures and weekly live classes that focus on problem solvings. In Small Group Classes, students will learn during the live class teaching in a much smaller group.

What is the difference between the 2 tracks (AoPS vs. other curriculums)?

AoPS vs. other curriculums (The Dimensions Math for Pre Algebra and Perason’s series of high school math) approach math differently. AoPS uses the discovery approach. Students discover why the concepts work. It is a rigorous curriculum that teaches in-depth problem-solving skills. It draws questions from many math competitions. This is designed for students who have strong mathematical capability, enjoy abstract concepts and can master math with less practice. The other curriculums use a traditional approach. They teache new concepts and shows the step by step instruction through examples. Students who want to learn in a traditional way and need practice to master a concept will benefit the most. 


What is your refund policy?

Tuitions are paid upfront. We will refund the entire tuition paid for a course if you withdraw your students by July 30. After that, no refund will be given if you withdraw your student from a course.  


Can I  form a small group for friends or classmates of my child? Can I request a specific goal or curriculum?

I am happy to customize for a small group. Please send your request to mathamelia3@gmail.com.

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Private and Semi-Private Tutoring

What is the format and content of private or semi private tutoring? 

Both private and semi private tutoring will be conducted online. Students at different levels will benefit for individual help. We customize the teaching to the needs of the students in a private tutoring. We group 2-3 students with similar levels, ability and goals in semi-private tutoring. 


What is your payment policy?

Tuitions are due monthly at the beginning of the month. 


How can I sign up for private or semi-private tutoring?

Tutoring for the new school year begins in late July. Priorities are given to students that have tutoring in the previous school year. Students can request tutoring anytime during the school year. After signing up, we will contact you regarding schedules. If the tutoring is full, we will start a waitlist. 

Please fill out the form to register or inquire about a class.

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