Private Instruction


Private instruction works best in teaching math. I tailor the course of study to each student's unique needs and learning style. I customize the learning path based on the student’s past knowledge, and help them to construct mathematical ideas. Manipulatives or hands on learning objects, math literatures and games are used according to the student’s need. I work with students from elementary to college levels.  I am familiar the curriculum Art of Problem Solving and Beast Academy. 



My students include those who -


  • Desire to build a good foundation in math.

  • Struggle in the classroom or group learning environment.

  • Seek enrichment beyond the typical school curriculum. 

  • Pursue math excellency at an accelerated pace of learning.


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Year Long Classes

The Full Year Class can be used as a complete curriculum for homeschoolers or a supplement for afterschoolers. Homework, tests, exams and grades will be assigned. For afterschoolers who do not need a grade, HW, tests and exams are optional. Students access class materials at any time most convenient for them, including video lectures, assignments, discussion, tests and exams. All class materials are available 24/7. There will be one live session per week with the instructor focused on solving weekly assignments and questions on new concepts. Students unable to attend live class sessions will be able to watch the recording. This will accommodate students in different time zones. 


You can read more details at Year Long Classes.




Small Group Classes





The classes are available to both homeschoolers and students who attend regular schools. The small class size ensures students the maximum interaction with me and others. They will also be encouraged to participate, collaborate and raise questions. Multiple problem-solving strategies and methods will be taught, so that students can learn to be creative in their problem-solving approach. Students will receive individual attention not available in a large classroom setting. This is a weekly 1 hour live small group class. 

 You can read more details at Small Group Classes.


Summer Camp

A high quality in person summer program that provides a challenging but fun educational environment for all students in a small group setting. The math camp is filled with hands on learning and games. Kids will develop new knowledge and problem solving strategies. Most important of all, they will have fun while learning math. 

(We will resume in person Summer Camp in year 2022).

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