Private Instruction



Private instruction works best in teaching math. I tailor the course of study  to each student's unique needs and learning style. I customize the learning path based on the student’s past knowledge, and help them to construct mathematical ideas. Manipulatives or hands on learning objects, math literatures and games are used according to the student’s need. I work with students from elementary to college levels. I teach in Los Altos and Saratoga/Cambrian, CA. I can also conduct the lesson online.



My students include those who -


  • Desire to build a good foundation in math.

  • Struggle in the classroom or group learning environment.

  • Seek enrichment beyond the typical school curriculum. 

  • Pursue math excellency at an accelerated pace of learning.



If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss your child's specific needs, please contact me directly. 




Local Group Classes

I teach group classes in Palo Alto, Los Altos, CA and nearby area. The classes are available to both homeschoolers and students who attend regular schools. The small class size ensures students the maximum interaction with me and others. Students will receive individual attention not available in a large classroom setting.


They will also be encouraged to participate, collaborate and raise questions. Multiple problem-solving strategies and methods will be taught, so that students can learn to be creative in their problem-solving approach. Most classes (except enrichment classes and workshops) are 30 weeks long. I will consider traveling if there is enough interest and if there is a host.


Classes offered

Elementary Math

  • Math Enrichment

  • Problem Solving Math with Beast Academy


Middle school Math

  • Pre Algebra

  • Competition Math AMC 8, Mathcount

High school Math

  • Beginning Algebra 

  • Geometry

  • Intermediate Algebra 

  • Pre Calculus / Trigonometry

  • Calculus

  • Probability/Statistics

  • Discrete Math

  • Counting and Probability

  • Number Theory


\If you are interested in any of the classes, please contact me directly. You can also view the classes in 2018-2019.








Homeschool Coaching







I coach homeschool parents in math education. I will work with you to find your children's strengths, learning styles, and ideas to help your children’s education in math. I will work with you to develop or discover resources, devise goals and plan for positive and powerful results. I meet with parents periodically to report progress, and offer advice and suggestions. 


If you are interested in any of the classes, please contact me directly.

Online Classes

The online classes for 2017-18 are closed. Please check back for next school year. 

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