Ms. Chan has perfectly prepared me for my AP test. I got a 5 with confidence.


~~ May, AP Stat


The AP class is one of the most rewarding classes of my high school education. The class prepared me well and I am able to tackle all the challenging questions found in the exam. More importantly, it confirms my interest in pursuing STEM majors.

~~ John, AP Calc

I can attest to Amelia's gift at teaching math.  My daughter loved the math learning activities and Amelia's fun personality during Math Club.  Amelia has a passion for the subject that shines through.  I've gotten a lot of good math advice from her through the years.

~~ Sheri



There are many math teachers/tutors in this area but what makes Amelia different is her love for children. She does not only guide the children's math education but genuinely care for their emotional well being. There is many pressure studying in this area. We need more teachers that are thoughtful, encouraging and loving like Amelia.


~~ Linda



Amelia always asks the kids, "Isn't math fun?" The answer is always unanimously "Yes" in a loud and excited shout. The kids can't wait to see her every week to play with (I mean learn) math. ;)


~~ Chloe



My daughter disliked math and has turned her mind around about math. Amelia adapts her teaching style to the student's strengths and ensures that my daughter has understood the problem and can solve it. My daughter very much enjoys learning and practicing math with Amelia. Now my daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions and seriously consider to pursue math as her career, which are huge change. I would highly recommend Amelia to anyone looking for strengthening math skills of their kids or for further challenging them.


~~ Celine



Amelia is a great math teacher. My daughter has been tutoring with her for half year now since beginning of her 1st grade year. She has improved a lot in math and critical thinking skills. She becomes one of the very top students in Math in her school. She is preparing to attend Math Kangaroo contest in March. Amelia is a very experienced math teacher, and she knows how kids think in math questions. Amelia always encourage them to try challenge questions and talk out loud their thinking process.  I highly recommend Amelia as math teacher if you want your kids to be good in math and to attend math competition.


~~ Parent of 1st grader



My son has 2E (twice exceptional). He has problem doing simple math and remembering math facts. He is several grades behind his level even though he can understand complex concepts. I was not sure how to proceed and homeschool him until I met Amelia. She is extremely patient and she keeps him engaged through games and manipulatives. He gains confidence and catchs up with his math learning. I can't thank her enough for her creativity in teaching and her guidance for coaching me in homeschooling my son. 


~~ homeschool parent of 8th grader



We moved to the Bay Area from China for around 1.5 years now,  my son Samuel loves math and always discuss the Math problem with me wherever in car, at home.  He even asked me to find some extra curriculum outside his current school.   As I want him catch up in the language arts so I didn't pay attention.   But he insists, so I  just put him into a weekly group class but it turns out he gradually lost his interests also I found him having some problems.  So I pull him out.   Then I started to find a right teacher for him.  Luckily I met Amelia, not only she has very strong background in math.  But she also understands how to guild the kid,  now Amelia has taught Samuel for around 4 months, without any pressure, I saw him blossom in his learning.  Not only his interests in math rebooted but also his ability in problem solving has improved a lot.


~~ Mom of Samuel



Miss Chan is a very good tutor for math. She is a kind and smart teacher. Depending on your personal preferences, she can adjust the speed of her tutoring to match yours. In my own experience being tutored in algebra 2, she helped me figure out where I was weaker at math and helped strengthen those parts by explaining them clearly. In a short amount of time, she

can help me understand the math concepts and teach me how to not make mistakes which helps relieve the stress over math. I no longer dread doing math homework. She helps you work smart, not hard. I would recommend her as a tutor for a wide variety of math subjects.


~~ Stephen



Amelia, you have made a strong impression on my daughter in the first lesson. She said that if you were their math teacher for Algebra, everyone would love you. She does not enjoy math but you have made her feel really comfortable with it just by one class. That is huge complement coming from a very critical almost teenager girl. Thank you. 


~~ Mother of a 7th grader


My two daughters have worked with many tutors and taken many math classes even Russian Math school and Amelia Chan has been by far the most skilled at explaining math concepts in a quick, efficient smart way that has translated to very high scores on placement exams.  She is no nonsense and respects our time and efforts and I would highly recommend her. 


~~ Parent of students studying Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus



When we started tutoring with Amelia, we were having trouble with rational functions, now we have mastered that and are on to  trig topics and understanding them in depth.


~~ Isabel



I really enjoy going to tutoring sessions, because I know every minute will be used efficiently to help me move forward at the fastest pace possible.  She makes sure I understand and can do my work as efficiently as possible and is always able to give targeted advice without missing a beat. I am sure she could do this for first graders up to a really high level and am glad we used her for alg 2/trig. 


~~ Anne


We came to Amelia because both my homeschooled 11 year old son and I were struggling getting through math lessons at home. Since meeting with Amelia my son is much more motivated and enthusiastic about math. Amelia is very consistent, patient and kind. She assessed my son from the beginning and met him where he was. She has been very encouraging to both of us.


~~ Evelia

Amelia makes the middle school and high school math so easy to learn for us. Math is not that complicated after all. 

~~ Katie 5th grader

The class has lots of hands on activities. My daughter came home excited and told me what she has made and learned every time.

~~ Anna

Amelia has been teaching my son Geometry since August; I think she could tailor a class or tutoring to meet anyone's needs.  He's been engaged, progressing quickly, doing his homework, and he appreciates that she relates the math to real life with stories and examples.  We would like to pass on this recommendation to anyone else who is looking for excellent math instruction!

~~ Parent of student studying geometry

I would want to recommend our tutor math tutor, Amelia Chan, whom we’re very pleased with.  This is our first year homeschooling and Amelia has helped ease our transition by her engaging teaching style and intuitively understanding the needs of my 8 yo daughter.  She provides the right amount of challenge and adds fun puzzles to mix things up.  More importantly, she creates a safe environment where it’s okay to make mistakes.  Especially for a child who doesn't like making them, this is a reprieve.  My daughter describes Amelia’s teaching style as “helpful,” “kind” and "funny” and looks forward to her weekly time with her.  Recently, while working on some challenge problems in Beast Academy, I heard my daughter mutter to herself,”This is hard but fun.” We’re thankful to have found Amelia and recommend her highly.

~~ Parent of 3rd grader 

Amelia worked for 10 months as a tutor with our daughter to help her catch-up and advance in her 4th grade math studies.  Her work changed how our daughter approached math in school, it made a huge difference.  The key was that Amelia realized that our daughter needed to work with visual learning tools to help her understand the math concepts, and simple memorization was not solving her needs.   With weekly 1 hour visits, our daughter went from behind to ahead, and most importantly began to say "I love math" with a smile!  Huge thanks to Amelia and the relationship she built with our daughter.

~~ Zachary


Amelia has done a great job teaching my sons math.  I had been homeschooling for 3 years and my boys hated math the most.  We used workbooks and on line curriculum alike, but their frustration with math just increased as the curriculum became more complicated.  I’m very happy to have sent them to Amelia.  She was able to pick up at the level they were at and fill in any holes they missed along the way.  They are now more confident with math and their abilities.  We have had a very positive experience with Amelia.

~~ Lynn

We were unhappy with the math instruction at school so we supplemented with semi private tutoring with Amelia. She is very patient and encouraging with my twin boys while they attempt to master 5/6th grade math.  Amelia has done a terrific job keeping them interested in the subject while still keeping focus on moving them at their own speed of learning.  I would highly recommend her!!

~5th grade mom

Our son didn’t feel the kind of confidence he has doing math until he started working with Amelia.  Amelia’s talent lies in the way she teaches — she is great at how she explains problems and concepts in digestible ways for our son to absorb.  She is keen on how her student is feeling, working through a problem, and is very kind giving reassurance and praise.  Math now is fun for Ethan and he really looks forward to his tutoring sessions with her.  


~Parent of Jr. High student


My boys enjoy learning math with Amelia.  Math concepts seem to be much easier to grasp through her explanations.  She is able to keep them engaged and become interested in attempting more challenging problems.  They don’t feel pressured and yet are motivated to strengthen their understanding.  As a parent, I trust her to keep my kids on the right track.


~ Emily, mom of 8th grade Tyler, 5th grader Ethan

We feel really fortunate to have Amelia as our children's math tutor.   She is really great at interacting patiently with both of our kids while at the same time pushing them to advance their love and understanding of math.   


Parents of 4th and 6th graders, Los Altos

My daughter is 9th-grader whose has been tested to be at a third-grade math level. She didn't have a solid foundation for Algebra when we came to Amelia at the beginning of the school year. However, after 3 months of lessons and homework, Amelia has brought her up to level. My daughter is now able to start Algebra 1 and finish it by the end of her freshman year. Not only she caught up with math, more importantly, her confidence level has significantly increased. To me, that is priceless. 

~~ Parent of a 9th grader

My son is very good at math but found the math in school unchallenging, quickly losing interest in it. The school was not willing to make any accommodations for him, so a friend recommended Amelia. She understands gifted children and exposed my son to different topics in math. She teaches math in depth that provides challenges for my son. My son has also been able to work on math competitions with her. As a result, my son has redeveloped his love for math. I am so fortunate to find Amelia.

~~ Mom of Ryan (a 5th grader) 

Amelia has worked with my son for a year and a half. During that time he has made significant progress in his understanding of mathematical concepts. Amelia carefully built a foundation with him, making sure she knew just where he was in his learning and what gaps he might have in his understanding. Even when we moved out of state Amelia continued working with him online. We are very grateful to have found Amelia when we did! 

~~  Mom of 5th grader (TX)

Amelia has been working with my daughter for several years. Amelia’s mathematical expertise is impeccable. My daughter has completed all the advanced math class with ease with Amelia’s assistance. I highly recommend Amelia for advanced math learners. 

~~ Mom of PreCalculus

Thank you so much Amelia! Your math lesson is what my kids look forward to every week. They always say the math lesson is so fun that it feels like just few minutes. 


Candice becomes so confident in math now. She used to think that she is not good at math (I thought so too!) We could not believe our ears when she said "I love math !" after your lesson.


Thank you so much for building up her math skills, and most importantly , her confidence and love for learning ! She looks up to you a lot because you model for her how fun math can be ! And it change her mind that girls can do and can love math ! 


Thank you Amelia!


~~ Angela (mom of Candice and Caleb)

" Teacher Amelia helped me improve my math skills and gain confidence at school. Being able to take classes on line is a big plus as well."


Sophie H

We have found Amelia's program to be an ideal supplement to what they learn in school. First, the program helps my kids learn math on dimensions that are not covered in school -- this helps them to apply math in new ways. Second, the program gives them opportunity to reinforce their school learnings in new applications. Most important, my kids enjoy the time with Amelia and discuss it with me after class."


~~ Michael McCarroll

My son just turned 11 last week, and he has been attending Miss Amelia’s (also a BAGHS member) math classes the last few years.  We started looking for a class a few years back as he has completely lost interest in math.  We tried Miss Amelia’s class by word of mouth, and he has been enjoying the class and be regain his interest... he also loved the social part of the class and made friends.  =)

~~ Petula (mom of 5th grader)

Amelia is an awesome math tutor and we are so very grateful to have found her! She is kind, helpful, encouraging and super knowledgeable about various math curricula. She was able to identify gaps for our daughter and to help find alternative ways of teaching her math and it has made all the difference. Amelia doesn't just teach for the sake of helping kids learn math skills (though she certainly achieves that), she wants the kids to love learning math and to have fun doing it! In a short 6 months since Amelia began tutoring our daughter, we have seen a huge difference in our daughter's interest in and learning attitude toward math. She went from saying "math is boring" and dreading doing her math homework to saying "math is fun!". Most of all, we see how this has helped increase our daughter's confidence in her own ability to solve math problems and to develop a growth mindset around her math learning!

~~ Mom of 5th grader

My son has really enjoyed his math time with Miss Chan.  He has been bored in math at school for several years and Miss Chan has brought back his passion and interest in math.  She challenges him and manages to keep him engaged with math concepts.  He happily goes to math class each week which says a lot about Miss Chan!  We are fortunate to be one of her students!

~- Mom of 4th grader




Kira said: "Amelia makes learning math really fun while explaining things very clearly. I like learning new concepts that I don't learn in school."


Mom: "My daughter is excited to do the assigned homework right after every lesson on the way home in the car - that's the enthusiasm you want to see in your kid about learning. The kids always come out with big smiles after every lesson with Amelia - I never remember that being the case when I was growing up after my math lessons. 

~- Mom of 4th grader

More to come