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Private  Instructions & Group Classes in Math & Statistics

Our Services

Private Instruction

Private instruction is the most effective way to teach mathematics. I take a personalized approach, tailoring the course of study to each student's unique needs and learning style. I carefully assess the student's past knowledge and construct a customized learning path to help them build mathematical concepts and understanding. 

Year Long Class

The Full Year Class can be used as a complete curriculum for homeschoolers or a supplement for afterschoolers. Students access class materials at any time most convenient for them. There will be one live session per week with the instructor focused on solving weekly assignments and questions on new concepts. 

Small Group Class

Our small group classes are available upon request and can be customized. The small class size ensures that each student receives ample interaction with the instructor and their peers, fostering an environment that encourages participation, collaboration, and asking questions. 

Summer Camp

Our popular in-person summer program offers a high-quality, challenging, and enjoyable educational experience for students in a small group setting. The math camp is designed to be interactive and engaging, using hands-on learning and games to make the learning experience more fun. Students will acquire new knowledge and problem-solving strategies, all while having a great time. The focus is not only on learning but also on making math fun.

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