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Math Formulas

Private Instruction

Private instruction is the most effective way to teach mathematics. I take a personalized approach, tailoring the course of study to each student's unique needs and learning style. I carefully assess the student's past knowledge and construct a customized learning path to help them build mathematical concepts and understanding. I use a variety of tools such as manipulatives, hands-on learning objects, math literature, and games to engage the students and make the learning experience more interactive and fun. I work with students of all ages, from elementary to college levels and am familiar with curriculum such as Art of Problem Solving and Beast Academy.


My students include those who 


  • Desire to build a good foundation in math.

  • Struggle in the classroom or group learning environment.

  • Seek enrichment beyond the typical school curriculum. 

  • Pursue math excellence at an accelerated pace.


Regardless of their starting point, I am committed to helping all of my students achieve their full potential in mathematics.

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