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Small Group Class

Online and In Person

Small Group classes are created upon request. Once a class is formed, its schedule will be announced. The class can be customized. If you are interested in hosting an in-person / online class or would like to arrange a class at a specific time (such as in the summer), please do not hesitate to contact us.

The small class size ensures that each student receives ample interaction with the instructor and their peers, fostering an environment that encourages participation, collaboration, and asking questions. Students will be exposed to multiple problem-solving strategies and methods, equipping them with the ability to approach problems creatively. Individual attention is a priority, something that is not always possible in a larger classroom setting. The class is conducted weekly in a live, small-group, online format and runs for a total of 30 weeks from September to May or 15 weeks for semester class. 

Below are the sample classes. 2 semesters classes are marked with * while the rest are one semester classes.



Scaled pricing per group size

Cost per semester is

$750 for 5 to 8 students

$600 for 8-12 students

$525 for 13 and more students

Sample Classes

If you are interested in hosting an in-person / online class

or if you want to customize a class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elementary School Problem Solving Math*

Beast Academy 

Level 2, 3, 4,5

Honors Pre Algebra 7/8*

Dimension Math 

Level 7, 8


AMC 8 Test Preparation

 Paper-Folding Geometry

Discover Geometry through paper-folding. (In person only)

Honors Pre Algebra 6*


Dimension Math

Level 6

Number Theory

Introduction to the intriguing structure of numbers.

Discrete Math*

Discover patterns and beauty in math and its application

History of Mathematics

Fun survey of the historical development of Mathematics 

Honors Pre Algebra*

Art of Problem Solvings 

(AOPS) Pre Algebra

Counting & Probability

Fundamentals of counting and probability

Contact Me

Fun with Math

Problem solvings strategies

for Young Kids

Customized Class

Customized a class for the student's interest. 

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