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Science and Technology Class

This course is designed to empower students to think mathematically by emphasizing problem-solving. The curriculum is based on a highly effective teaching approach that has been researched and proven successful in Singapore, which consistently ranks at the top in international math testing. The curriculum covers a range of topics including pre-algebra, simple algebra, geometry, data analysis, probability, and some advanced math topics, providing a rigorous and comprehensive program. It is a solid foundation for high school math. The homework assignments consists of 4 levels of questions to accommodate students with a wide range of abilities.


Honors Pre Algebra 6 / Beast Academy 5 / students who have completed any Grade 6 program (including Singapore Primary Mathematics 6), with solid understanding. 


Dimensions Math 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B

Note: Dimensions Math 7/8 covers entire Dimensions Math 7 plus some chapters in Dimensions 8, we will not include topics found in Algebra 1.  

Technical Requirements

Computer, high-speed internet access with camera

Weekly Live Class

1 hour per week live Zoom meeting will run from September through early May. 

Date & Time

TBD. Class will be formed by request.

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