Private Instruction and Group Classes in Math and Statistics

Amelia Chan


I have an M.A. in Mathematics from Columbia University, in New York., as well as a B.A. in both Mathematics and Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.


I have worked as an Investment Banker, Financial Software Engineer, and Actuarial Consultant.


After having my own two children, I decided to educate them at home, often creating courses designed to match their unique abilities and needs. They have won national math competitions and excel academically.


I have been a math tutor since high school, having taught math in both 1-on-1 and small group settings. Math education has remained my passion in life. 



Teaching Philosophy

I am fortunate to have benefitted from being educated in both the Asian and the Western education systems. I have learned  to develop mathematical knowledge through rigorous practice that requires conceptual understanding of the Asian approach in learning math. At the same time, I have learned the creative approach of learning mathematics that integrates different concepts and subject matters in the Western education system. 



I will help students to -


  • Comprehend basic concepts and solidify their foundational knowledge.


  • Link previously-learned mathematical knowledge to new concepts.


  • Explore and describe natural laws, make predictions, form conjectures and reason logically.


  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • Understand mathematical concepts by using manipulatives  /  hands-on learning tools, games and hands-on activities.

A deep conceptual understanding of Mathematics and its beauty is more important than rote memorization and computational speed. Besides achieving academic excellency, it is also my passion to help students develop a love of mathematics by understanding the many different facets of it. I will share my enthusiasm and knowledge with my students so that they can see that Mathematics can be interesting, beautiful, and useful.